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For the average craft beer enthusiast, selection and variety are essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by signing up for a craft beer of the month club. These clubs host a multitude of different flavors and styles hailing from one side of the globe to the next to choose from which is then shipped directly to your house.

You can achieve access to this varietal beer haven by simply signing up and becoming a member of one of the various beer clubs available. Once you are signed up you can then access the different brews and simply choose from the list which is then shipped. Each club presents their own benefits and perks with some giving you more or less options as well as allowing you to choose from a selection of beers or surprising you with their choice of brew.

This is an opportunity to spread your craft beer wings and try different brews from around the globe that could only be achieved by visiting the brewery itself. A concept that has truly revolutionized the industry itself by allowing local breweries to touch more people throughout the world without having to spend excess amounts of funds and maneuver their way into foreign markets. There are four primary beer of the month clubs that have truly shone forth in the marketplace with each providing not only different brews, but customizable packages as well.

Best Beer of the Month Clubs

microbrewed beer clubOriginal craft beer clubTavourGreat club beer club
CompanyMicrobrewed Beer of the Month ClubOriginal Craft Beer ClubTavourGreat Clubs Beer of the Month
FeaturesTons of varying packagesIncludes cans; cheap priceIncredible selectionNon-beer clubs available
RatingOur ReviewOur ReviewOur Review

The Original Craft Beer Club

Original Craft Beer Club review
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The Original Craft Beer Club provides a fairly simple set up with monthly packages focusing on U.S. small, independent breweries. First package is a $42 fee that includes 12 beers per month containing 4 different styles and you can order any number of shipments. The next package is set at $80 and provides 24 beers with 4 different styles, 6 cans or bottles of each style. Shipment is included in both fees and typically arrives anywhere from 10-15 days after purchase depending on zip code.

Their customer support is set up well with a dual option of contacting customer support via email or by a live chat box located at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Although you can’t pick which brews you would like to have provided in your monthly package you can pick which styles to exclude, but only if you’re have an ongoing membership. They also provide you with information sheets that help you understand where your beer comes from and who produces it as well as the characteristics and qualities of your shipment.

The Microbrewed Beer of The Month Club

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club review
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Microbrewed offers a uniquely designed program that includes over 10,000 U.S. and Internationally mircobrewed beers with an array of different packages available to choose from. The first membership is a U.S. only monthly package that includes 2 different lightly distributed craft breweries with 4 different beer styles and is priced at $29.95 a month plus a flat shipping and handling fee of $15. Next available membership is a monthly package that features both U.S. and Internationally microbreweries providing 4 different beer styles from 3 or more breweries and is priced at $34.95 plus a $15 shipping and handling fee.

The third membership package is a hop lover’s delight which features 3 hoppy beers from 2 or more lightly distributed U.S. and International breweries and runs at the same price as the previous package including the shipping and handling fee. Running fourth on the list of membership packages is The International Beer Club that focuses solely on the international brewing scene featuring 2 different beer styles from lightly distributed international breweries and is priced at $37.95 plus the shipping and handling fee of $15.

Last but not least is The Rare Beer Club which gives craft beer enthusiasts to tap into rare beers that are typically only locally or regionally distributed. This membership package features both U.S. and International breweries providing you with 2 different , limited release brews. You can choose either one, two or three 750ml bottles of each of the two featured beers and comes with a monthly newsletter with detailed tasting notes, beer profiles, history of the breweries and suggested food pairings and is priced at $37.95 plus a $14 shipping and handling fee.

This club has a great customer service support program as you can contact them via email or by clicking the live chat panel located at the bottom right hand of your screen.


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Tavour is a really cool beer club that allows you to pick for yourself what brews you desire to come in your package. Not only do you get to choose which brews you want, but this membership allows you to order as much and how often you feel necessary. Tavour features thousands of different brands and styles and is free to sign up as well, so you pay only for the beers you pick plus shipping and handling.

Although Tavour doesn’t have the option to do a live chat with customer support you can still contact them via email or phone number. Another great feature of this company is the fact that they provide an app where you can search out new and intriguing brews and place your order at your finger tips. Every day they provide you with new rare releases that you can’t get in your area as well as update you with new releases that come out.

Great Clubs Beer of The Month

Great Clubs is not just a beer club, but provides membership options of monthly shipments of chocolate, cigar, coffee, flowers and more. This particular club does things a bit similar to The Original Craft Beer Club with a membership rate of $42.95 that includes shipping and handling. The thing that sets them apart from the others is that the monthly shipment provides 4 different varieties of styles including ales, lagers, bocks, IPA’s, stouts, porters and more from breweries scattered across the U.S. of which they select for the member.

Each monthly package also consists of a monthly newsletter that features the breweries and their brews provided in the package. Their customer supports is good as well with fairly prompt response time via email or by phone, but provide no live chat support. They provide different packages only in terms of length that include a single one month package or two, three, four, six and twelve month options with the option to receive packages each month or every other month.

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