best hop spider feature

Best Hop Spider for Homebrewing [And Which to Buy]

One of the challenges of brewing beer is dealing with hops residue, aka kettle trub, that forms at the bottom of the kettle during the brewing process. The sediment can clog your chiller and end up in your fermenter and … Continue Reading

beer drop review

BeerDrop Review [2021 Beer Subscription]

If you are a beer lover and want to have new craft beers delivered right to your door then you might want to check out, a subscription service that delivers beer from small-batch breweries every month. They work with … Continue Reading

Original Craft Beer Club review

The Original Craft Beer Club Review 2021

It’s time to get more traditional. You may have read our recent Tavour review, which brings a few creative aspects to beer delivery; however, there are some big downfalls… one of them being price. On the other hand, The Microbrewed … Continue Reading

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Best pH Meter for Brewing Beer

The importance of water when brewing beer is often overlooked. Water makes up the bulk of the beer and can have a drastic effect on the beer’s final makeup. One of the primary ways brewers can understand their water is … Continue Reading

tilt hydrometer review

Tilt Hydrometer Review

Any serious beer brewer understands the importance of tracking the temperature and specific gravity of the beer throughout the brewing process. While it’s vital to brewing beer, especially brewing consistently, the whole process can be a chore. The Tilt Hydrometer … Continue Reading

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How Long is Beer Good For? [All Factors]

Most beer bottles and cans label the product with a ‘best before date’ instead of an actual expiration date. If the ‘best before date’ has passed, it doesn’t mean that the beer has gone bad. The brewer is only providing … Continue Reading

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Best Beer Growler [2021 Mega Guide]

A growler is the draft beer enthusiasts best friend! If you want to enjoy beer from a local brewery at home, a growler is typically the best and most economical way to go about it. At the most basic level, … Continue Reading

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The 4 Best Beer of the Month Club in 2021

For the average craft beer enthusiast, selection and variety are essential. One of the best ways to achieve this is by signing up for a craft beer of the month club. These clubs host a multitude of different flavors and … Continue Reading

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The Best Conical Fermenters for Homebrewers

In the world of home brewing there is a vast array of different options that one can use to brew and ferment their beer including brew kettles, fermenters, bottles, and more. The quality and style of a piece of brewing … Continue Reading

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club review

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club Review 2021

Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is a family-owned business that started out in 1994 shipping standard domestic microbrews. Since then, the company transformed – along with the craft beer industry – to offer five different monthly beer club subscriptions … Continue Reading