Top 4 Best Automatic Beer Brewing Machines

I’m here to help you decide which Automatic Beer Brewer Machine to buy today.

Brewing your own beer can be a unique and satisfying experience.  However, it takes experience and patience to transform raw ingredients into great-tasting  

beer. Thankfully, there is an increasing number of automated options on the market today to satisfy your cravings. Automatic Beer Brewing Machines are a lot faster and more convenient than the traditional way of brewing beer which is why the Brewfuse team compiled the top 4 Automatic Beer Brewer Machines to suit your preference.

The team has prepared this list for you through comprehensive research. The Automatic Beer Brewer Machines that have been selected were chosen based on product features, reviews in the marketplace, quality of finish and price and where possible we have been mindful of the different types of buyers.  

Northern Brewer – Gigawort Electric Boil Kettle Brewer

The Automatic Beer Brewer Machine coming in at number 4 on our list is the Northern Brewer – Gigawort Electric Boil Kettle Brewer. 

This 4.4-gallon capacity portable electric brew kettle uses a standard 120GFCI volt outlet, which helps the user to brew anywhere with an outlet.  It is made from 304 full stainless-steel material that ensures durability, and our team found very easy to clean. It features fully integrated digital controls, ensuring that the process of steeping grains is always kept at the right temperature.  You may then adjust its set temperature to boil. It also comes with a delayed start feature and a 3.5-hour shutoff to prevent total evaporation and safety.

It was also designed with double-walled construction providing optimal heat retention and insulation.  During the testing process, we found the machine very easy to use. Once we had all the ingredients for testing, all we had to do was mix it all up in the homebrewing electric boil kettle. We then simply set the temperature and time for the steeping phase.  

Once all that is done, we were able to bring it all to the boil. This beats the traditional method of constantly standing over a stove and monitoring the temperature ensuring that it isn’t too high or low. Its automatic system also prevents beginners from burning the mash which will ruin the beer-making process.


We’d like to highlight a small feature added by Northern Brewer from their more professional beer brewing equipment to help extract the wort. The kettle utilizes Gigawort’s revolutionary patent-pending Iso-flow bulkhead valve and dip tube.

This helped our team to achieve trouble-free wort transferring, eliminating the need to manually pour the wort into its fermentor, or siphon it off which is a slow and tedious process.

Because of its ease of use and affordable price, our team recommends The Gigawort for homebrewing beginners. This automatic method of brewing of this machine proved to be a lot easier and less time-consuming as compared to the traditional process, earning its way at number four on our list.  

Clawhammer Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System

The Automatic Beer Brewer Machine coming in at number 3 on the list is the Clawhammer Complete Homebrew Beer Brewing System.

This machine is a complete, all-in-one homebrew beer system, perfect for brewing 5-to-10-gallon batches of beer. It gives you the capability to make your own all-grain craft beer and proves to be a lot cheaper than buying beer from your local market.

This machine is crafted with an industrial-grade, food-safe, 100% stainless steel that is digital electric and does not require an additional heat source. Our team would like to highlight its use of “Brew in a Bag” technology which allows you to brew an entire batch of beer in the same kettle with the help of its stainless-steel grain and hop baskets. This makes brewing beer more convenient and hassle-free.  

In terms of monitoring the brewing process, it utilizes a unique PID digital controller that reads sensory signals and accurately translates its temperature to Fahrenheit or Celsius. This allowed us to have complete control of its high-quality stainless-steel element as well as its heavy-duty pump. It also has an automated “set it and forget it” temperature control and pump option which makes it quite convenient for users who do not have much time on their hands.

In addition, it has silicone-coated and temperature-resistant handles for safe handling during its brewing process.  Although you need to assemble it first, our team was able to finish the process with ease because of their instructional YouTube videos that were very easy to follow.  


Overall, we found its ability to make great-tasting beer faster and easier. We also commend its relatively large capacity and unique control and monitoring functions. It may be on the more expensive side however its outstanding ability to make professional-quality beer justifies its price. This machine is perfect for beer enthusiasts with quite a budget.  

BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System with American Pale Ale BrewPrint

The Automatic Beer Brewer Machine coming in at number 2 on our list is the BeerDroid Fully Automated Beer Brewing System with American Pale Ale BrewPrint.

This machine is widely known to be the world’s first fully automated personal brewer. With just a push of a button, you will be able to brew 2.6 gallons of premium quality beer.  Included in the set is the American Pale Ale BrewPrint. BrewPrints are ingredients that have been designed by BrewArt master brewers and are inspired by the most popular beers in the world. Its ingredients are all-natural and free from any additives and preservatives.  

Its temperature-controlled fermenter allowed our team to brew and customize BrewPrint recipes using its ingredients. We’d like to highlight its ability to brew your own ingredients, making it quite a versatile machine.

In addition, this brewer also has the option to set your preferred yeast propagation temperature, brewing temperature, and kegging temperature. The BeerDroid can be connected via Wi-Fi which is quite a unique feature, allowing your brewing progress and history to be stored in its BrewArt Cloud. This allows the BrewArt team to assist you if faced with any issues regarding the product.  

We liked its ability to record the brewing progress, that is especially useful during power outages as it keeps the brewing progress stored and will pick right up where it left off once the power comes back. Each BrewPrint has its own brewing profile that is automatically downloaded once you start a brew using the BrewArt app.  With the BrewArt app connected to the BeerDroid, we were able to monitor and control our brew, as well as receive push notifications every time the brew has reached a new stage in the brewing process.

It also features its patented end-of-fermentation technology. This feature automatically detects when the whole brewing process is complete and ready for kegging, showing as a push notification on the app.

It also has an easy-to-read LCD screen display which allowed our team to monitor the status of the brew, control its temperature as well as customize the brew. We found the two-piece snap tap and easy flush drain very convenient since it allowed minimal cleaning.  

Another incredible feature is its automatic storage mode. Once your beer is completed, you may put the Beerdroid under the said mode to cool the temperature of the beer to prevent off-flavors from letting your beer sit for too long. Unable to do so will have the BeerDroid automatically place itself in storage mode after 48 hours.  


Overall, it is a brilliantly designed machine with tons of unique features. Our team highly recommends this for tech-savvy beer enthusiasts.  This is what we would like to call a smart brewing machine, earning its place at number two.

The PicoBrew Pico C Beer Brewing Appliance

And finally in 1st Place: The PicoBrew Pico C Beer Brewing Appliance  

This 5-liter capacity brewer allows you to automatically craft your favorite beer  

in your kitchen or bar without all the complex equipment a traditional one has.  

With this machine, you can craft any style of beer you desire starting with just the press of a button. Your beer will be fermented, carbonated, and ready to drink in 10 to 14 days.  

It features its own PicoPak, a ready-to-brew kit containing all-natural grains and hops ingredients. PicoPak uses the same recipes as award-winning beers, allowing you to conveniently brew great quality beer without the hassle of guessing the best-suited ingredients.  

Using its RFID technology, the machine can scan the biodegradable PicoPak and automatically optimizes its settings for the recipe once inserted. You can also adjust the alcohol percentage and bitterness level to your preference.  

Our team was able to monitor the automated brewing process with any web-enabled device.  

You can select more than a hundred PicoPak recipes available on PicoBrew’s online BrewMarketplace, or craft your own using their web-based freestyle beer crafter. We would like to highlight its ability to fine-tune the alcohol content  

and bitterness level of any PicoPak to your preference or create your own custom PicoPak recipe of grains, hops, and yeast. In terms of cleaning, our team found it very simple with its built-in steam cleaning and dishwasher-safe components.  


With its relatively affordable price and its ability to brew high-quality beer, our team considers this a great choice for those who are very particular about their preferred choice of drink. With this brewer, you can experience hundreds of award-winning beer recipes in the comfort of your own home making the Pico C the first on our list.  

And there you have it folks – the four Automatic Beer Brewer Machines which got us brewed up and excited. Here are some other homebrew contenders – Best Automated Brewing Systems. Cheers!

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