Pale ales are a popular beer, characterized by lighter colors and hoppy flavor.  There are many different pale ales out there, each with its own flavors and characteristics – here’s a few of the most popular.

American Pale Ale

APA – characterized by bold hoppy flavor and high bitterness.  Citrus and pine aromas are common as they are made from American hops.  Typically brewed with pale malt and have a medium to high alcohol content.

India Pale Ale

IPA – Known for a more intense hop flavor and scent.  They are made with a higher proportion of hops than pale ales, giving them a strong, bitter taste.  They have a higher alcohol content than other pale ales.

Belgian Pale Ale

Originated in Belgium.  They have a particular Belgian yeast strain that gives them a complex flavor profile.  They have a medium to high alcohol content and are often flavored with spices like coriander or orange peel.

English Pale Ale

Originated in England.  Brewed with English hops which provides an earthy and floral aroma.  Low to medium alcohol content and often served at “cellar” temperature (55 degrees F), coming from a traditional British beer cask.

New England Pale Ale

Characterized by their hazy appearance but with low bitterness.  They are made with a combination of specialty malts and a higher proportion of hops, giving them a distinct fruity or tropical flavor. Check out these Lagers.

Enjoy them all – Cheers!


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