Home brewing has really become popular for those who enjoy beer and love to recreate and create their own flavors at home.

There are many home brew kits available out there – here are a few I’ve tried and my thoughts.

Mr. Beer Premium Gold Edition

This is a great kit for beginners and was the first I ever used.  This kit lets you make brews from basic to elaborate – you can add your own hops and grains to change the tastes you prefer and your first batch can be ready in as little as 30 minutes of brew time and ready to drink in three to four weeks.  Quick and easy home brewing. 

Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

Another perfect kit for beginners – this is their best seller. The IPA in this kit gives you a balance of citrus with the crisp bitterness you expect from an IPA.  The kit produces 1 gallon of beer at about 6.8% ABV.  Also check out their easy-to-follow instructions and videos – these kits are award winning!

Northern Brewer Deluxe Home Brewing Equipment Starter Kit

These guys have some of the best and widest variety of kits to choose from.  This is another “everything in the box” kit to start brewing at home.  This is a larger kit and will yield 5 gallons of brewed beer – that’s about 2 cases of 12 oz bottles.  Truly brewing made simple. 

BrewDemon Pro Beer Brewing Kit.  

A great kit that brews in as little as 15 minutes – letting you tinker and play with adding those special flavors.  This is a high-quality two-gallon kit and it produces some great flavors.  Easy to follow instructions and this is the one that will keep you going of trying different brew combinations.  Worth it!

Which home brewing kit?

There are tons of home brew kits out there on the market – it really depends on what your “tech” and “experience” levels are.  Seasoned pros can create countless beer flavor profiles and tinker all they want, or if you’re a beginner there are step-by-step kits to get and keep you in the home brewing game. Cheers!

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