Microbreweries are popping up in cities all around the world.  A big reason of the popularity of craft beer is the creativity and technology in the brewing process.  Let’s go explore the ways craft beer technology is being used to create unique and delicious craft beers.

Brewing software

Brewing software has helped revolutionized the way craft beer is made.  Software programs allow brewers to create and manage recipes, track inventory and help monitor/tweak the brewing process in real-time.  Artificial Intelligence has made its way into craft beer technology – making suggestions or modifications for better outcomes.

Automated brewing systems

Over the years automated brewing systems have made it much easer for home brewers to create craft beer in their own kitchens.  The systems monitor and control the brewing process – from temperatures of the mash to amount of hops added. These kits also save time and help eliminate user error. Check out my review of Automated brew systems.


Crowdsourcing has become a fun and popular way for craft breweries to create new beer recipes.  Breweries can post challenges on social media channels for flavor ideas, engaging their supporters locally and around the world.  It’s amazing the flavor profiles that can be generated for innovative beers that appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Blockchain technology

What?  Blockchain technology is being used to create transparent supply chains in the beer industry.  Breweries can track ingredients used in their beers, from the hop farms to malting factory and where the grains are processed.  This allows consumers to make informed choices about the beers they choose to drink and support in the industry.

So, craft beer technology is transforming the brewing industry, allowing brewers to create delicious beers.  There has never been a better time to explore the craft beer world, as this technology continues to grow and evolve.

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