brewart kickstarter launch

Brewart, one of the makers of automated brewing systems that we covered in our comparison article, has officially launched their kickstarter. This automated brewing system has a few unique features and we decided to take a look at their system to see what if offers.

BrewArt was originally launched in Australia about a year ago. Due the the success of the brewing machine, its creators are now launching their system in the US in the form of a Kickstarter campaign. They are offering a limited number of early-bird discounts on both of their systems (The BeerFlo and the BeerDroid). Let’s break down BrewArt’s separate features on a more detailed level, starting from the ground up.

BrewPrints & Mobile App

brewpints ingredients

BrewPrints are the the recipe packs for the BrewArt automated brewing system. Each print contains all of the ingredients you need to make beer on their system. Each recipe also has it’s own brewing process loaded onto the BeerDroid. However, if you’re already a skilled homebrewer, you do have the option to create custom recipes for the system.

The entire process, except for a couple steps, can be completed remotely from your phone using their mobile application. To name a few things, you can do the following via the application:

Build your custom recipe schedule
Start the brewing process once the ingredients are loaded
Change the fermentation or storage temperature
Check the fermentation progress from anywhere you have an internet connection
The app will also send push notifications for brewing milestones


beerdroid automatic brewing system

The brewing and serving system are broken up into two separate units. The BeerDroid is the system dedicated to the brewing process and also serves as the fermentation chamber. You will load you ingredients into this system. One great feature is their patented End of Fermentation Technology. This alerts the brewer that fermentation is complete, and the brewer can then either transfer their fermented beer or begin a cold conditioning process called lagering by reducing the temperature below 40F.

As we stated previously, the system was very well received in Australia, so it already has plenty of solid reviews to help judge your decision, and increase the credibility of the device. Another great benefit to this is that they have had time to work out potential kinks in the system and improve the device before it even launched in the US Market. Think of it as getting an “S” model of an iPhone instead of the original numbered release.

However, the BeerDroid does not serve finished beer; you will need to get the sister unit to go along with it. Alternatively, you can bottle the beer yourself or hook up your own kegging system.



The BeerFlo is the beer dispensing machine for the BrewArt. It uses specialized 5L (or 1.3 gallon) mini keg canisters that are designed to work specifically with the system. First, you put a disposable liner in the cannister, which makes for easy cleanup, close the cannister and load it into the BeerFlo system. What makes this system unique is that the system can serve carbonated beer without pushing air or CO2 into the cannister. No oxygen exposure helps prevent oxidation, and no CO2 means there’s no fussing with mini CO2 canisters or filling CO2 tanks to serve your homebrew.

The two separate systems sounds like kind of a hassle at first, but in reality they are anything but. Having extra filling canisters will let you brew continuously while serving multiple different types of beer, based on what you have stored. Some automated brewing systems limit your brewing / serving capabilities by having the serving keg linked up to the brewing system. This would mean that you can’t brew more beer until the previous beer is completely consumed. Another option would be to make beer on the BeerDroid and fill your own 2.5-3 gallon kegs with homebrew to use on your own kegging system.

If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger on a automated brewing system, the time is now, as the BrewArt System has early-bird discounts at all levels of support. Some of the rewards are over $100 off retail price, with limited early supporter rewards at even greater discounts.

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