MiniBrew Interview

We recently had the amazing opportunity to talk with the two co-founders of Netherlands-based MiniBrew, Olivier van Oord and Bart van de Kooij, one of the newest entrants in the market of automated brewing. While they certainly weren’t first to market, MiniBrew may very well sweep the industry’s market share upon launching due to the impressive new technology not found in competitors’ products. Take an inside peek below into our interview with Olivier and Bart.

Want to learn more? Check out this article where we feature an in-depth preview of the MiniBrew all-in-one craft beer brewing machine

MiniBrew Interview

How long does it take to brew from start to finish?

The MiniBrew is the most elegant and easiest brewing beer solution available in world that makes beer from grain to tapping crane in one sophisticated solution. The brewing process takes about 3,5 hours, with fermentation lasting anything from 7 days for a lighter beer to 2 weeks for a stronger beer and 4 weeks to the extremely heavy ones.

Can users add their own ingredients? Or do they have to purchase them from you in special packaging that fits the MiniBrew?

To ensure the best beer quality around the globe for any level of brewing experience, MiniBrew will only offer branded ingredient packages from the start. Breweries can join the MiniBrew Platform and offer their flavours and recipes to beer loves among the world. So you can brew that special beer from a craft brewery everywhere around the world without shipping a bottle.

What was your vision for MiniBrew

MiniBrew is a platform to brew fresh local craft beer anytime anywhere. It stimulates brewing ingenuity and local neighbourhood industries. All with an IoT table top brewing appliance, fully controlled by sensor technology and an unique app to either brew global craft beers, or create your own frosty ones from out the comfort of your home, your office or holiday hideout. MiniBrew’s vision is to democratize the beer space by giving every beer appreciator the power to produce industry standard brews. MiniBrew proves that anyone can crack open the beer scene and pioneer new brewing flavors. With the device it is easy to create own occasions and share great moments at party, barbeques and even the smallest gathering with friends and loved ones.

We’ve been witnessing quite a few new companies emerging in this space within the last year or two. Where do you see the market headed for automated brewing machines? (1 year? 5 years?)

Bart referred to an impressive and thorough article he had written about the evolution of the beer space a couple of months ago – please check it here.

How does MiniBrew compare to others on the market, such as the Pico C or BeerDroid?

In terms of brewing machines that claim to deliver beer, such as ‘fully automated home brewery’ they all forget a critical step: fermenting. Although the others have a fermentation process, it is manual and not automatic as promoted. This might work for some who have knowledge and want to play with fermentation time and carbonation levels, but the brew quality will ultimately suffer in flavor and users will not be able to reproduce the same brew again. MiniBrew is therefore the only all in one solution – brewing, fermenting and tapping from the same vessel all controlled by sensor technology.

That’s right, the first fully automated brewing machine is almost here. You can pre-order it now directly on MiniBrew’s website; shipping is expected in the Fall of 2018.

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