Cheers! The word we use to toast to friends and at happy occasions means “have goodwill and celebrate”.  But how about other countries, languages and cultures – what do the raise a glass to?


Slainte – (pronounced “slawn-cha”). This is the most common Irish toast and it means “health”.  It’s used when raising a glass to wish someone good health and any formal or informal situation.


Sante! This means “to your health” and is a common toast with a glass of wine or champagne.


Prost! The German word “prost” is a common toast when raising a glass of Guiness.


Kanpai! Shout it the next time you’re having sake.


Salud! This Spanish word means “health” and is used when drinking wine, beer or other spirits.


Skal!  (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish)  This translates to “bowl” which refers to the ancient tradition of drinking from a communal bowl.


Gan bei! (Chinese) In China, the phrase “gan bei” is used to cheer and translates to “dry cup”.


Cin Cin! (Italian) The expression “cin cin” is to believed to have originated from the sound of glasses clinking together.

All cultures love to get together with food and family, and celebrate their traditions.  No matter what language you say it in, it means the same: celebrate the good times.  Next time raising a glass, try saying cheers in a different language and see how it brings a smile to everyone’s face.  Cheers!

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