The best temperature for beer can make all the difference when you’re serving up “ice cold beer”.  If you’ve been around awhile or you’re just getting in the game to explore different types of beer, its important to understand the ideal temperature for different types of beer.

Lagers – these beers such as Pilsners and Helles are best served at colder temps, about 35-45 degrees F.  These beers are light-bodied and crisp and the colder temps help to enhance that refreshing quality.

Pilsners – these beers are also best at colder temperatures, around 40-45 F.  Pilsners are also light with a crisp taste and serving them at a temperature too warm can dull these flavors.

Ales – beers such as IPA’s and pale ales are best served at slightly warmer temperatures 45-55 F.  Ales usually have a heavier body and more complex flavors; the warmer temp allows the flavors to open up and become more noticeable.

Belgian Ales – witbier, saison and tripel are best served a bit warmer than the ales, around 50-55 F. This type of beer have very complex and unique tastes and serving them too cold can hide some of the flavors.

Stouts and Porters – last but not least, these are served at warmer temperatures, 55-60F.  Stouts and porters have bold, heavy and full-bodied profiles. A slightly warmer temperature lets the flavors develop and become more pronounced when you sip.

Storing your beer.

Storing your homebrew beer

You’ve worked hard on the brew, now make sure you’re able to keep the quality and taste of it.  Here are some quick tips:

Keep in cool, dark place – sunlight can damage the beer’s flavor.

Keep bottles standing upright – this helps to prevent oxidation and carbonation loss.

Don’t keep beer in the fridge too long (keep on sipping or sharing) as this can affect the flavor and aroma.

If you are aging beer, keep it in a consistent cool, dark area around 50-55 F,

Temperatures greatly affect the taste of different styles of beer.  Knowing and understanding what those temperature guidelines are, how it affect taste profiles and aromas, will ultimately help you enjoy each type of beer you homebrew.  Cheers!


Can you drink beer straight from the fridge Yes, but keep in mind the different types of beers taste better at their optimum temp range.

What happens if beer gets too warm?  Warm beer can taste flat and can cause excess carbonation loss.

Can I store beer in the freezer?  Nope – keeping it in the freezer too long will make it freeze and expand – that’s a mess you won’t enjoy cleaning up.

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