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BeerDrop offers a beer subscription that you'll love due to the highly customizable options that fit exactly what you're after.
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If you are a beer lover and want to have new craft beers delivered right to your door then you might want to check out, a subscription service that delivers beer from small-batch breweries every month.

They work with dozens of microbreweries to offer a beer subscription service that delivers five different beers, ten beers total, on a monthly basis. The beers are matched to your taste and you can modify or even skip an order, so you don’t have to worry about a long-term commitment.

To bring you the beer you are most likely to enjoy, the Beer Drop team employs a beer recommendation system that uses your taste profile and their internal beer ratings. They aim to deliver the best of small-batch brewing tailored specifically for your taste. 

Their goal is to make it easy, and affordable (you’ll pay about $4 per beer on the cheapest tier), for beer-lovers to explore small-batch, independent breweries from the comfort of their home. And support independent brewers at the same time. Each month, you’ll receive a new “Drop” (what they call a beer shipment) containing that month’s selection of beers. The team aims to select the beers that are most likely to appeal to you. At the more expensive tiers you can swap out their recommendations, while at the least expensive tier you can only add additional beers (and not pay extra for shipping) to your upcoming Drop.

A Beer Drop subscription is a hassle-free way to be exposed to new breweries and beers regularly, without having to travel to different breweries. Their beer selection is constantly changing as breweries change their offerings, so you’ll always be getting something new – in fact, their system ensures you never get the same beer twice. And at their more expensive tiers, you’ll get access to exclusive and tap-room only beer you can’t buy anywhere else.

About Beer Drop

Subscription models, which have been around for decades in the form of book or coffee of-the-month, have become more popular in recent years, and have gained even more traction in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. Like DollarShaveClub does for razors, Stitch Fix for clothing, or Quip for toothbrushes, Beer Drop does for beer. Just sign up once and receive a new selection specifically tailored to you, delivered right to your front door.

Founded in 2019 and based in Colorado, Beer Drop partners with dozens of independent, small-batch breweries. They have more than 200 beers available at any time, which are constantly changing as breweries change their inventory. Their team is constantly on the lookout for fresh and special release beers to add to their offering.

While they are currently featuring mostly Colorado-based breweries, they are constantly adding new breweries to the mix and plan to expand to other states. Subscription info

Beer Drop offers three subscription tiers, Beer Drop, Beer Drop Plus, and Beer Drop Ultimate. All three options come with personalized recommendations based on your specific flavor profile and their proprietary beer-matching system.

At all tier levels, you’ll get 5 different beers (ten beers total) each month. The ability to swap out beers in your monthly drop is only available on the Plus and Ultimate membership. Before the shipment is finalized, you have the option to add extra beers from their online selection to supplement your shipment without paying extra for shipping.

The more expensive plans provide more exclusive beers as well as increased flexibility to change the beers included in your monthly Drop. They have more than 200+ constantly changing beers available on their site, so there’s plenty of choices if you want to add beers to your upcoming shipment. Beer Drop works with dozens of independent, award-winning microbreweries. Visit their breweries page for a complete list.

The three Beer Drop subscription tiers are:

Beer Drop

  • $39.99/month / $4 per beer
  • You can’t make changes to your recommended beers

Beer Drop Plus

  • $49.99/month / $5 per beer
  • Half of the beers you receive will be special release or taproom only offerings
  • You can swap any of their recommendations with your own choice

Beer Drop Ultimate

  • $64.99/month / $6.50 per beer
  • All beers will be special release or taproom only
  • You can swap any of their recommendations with your own choice

*Note that for all tiers you’ll pay an additional $5 for shipping, and taxes may apply.

Exclusive Beers

One of the enticing aspects of a Pro and Ultimate subscription is that you can get exclusive beers you can’t easily get. As they explain on the site, “small-batch brews lend to more creative styles, but are even harder to get your hands on. This is where Beer Drop really excels… We work our brewery connections to make these limited-release 16oz cans and 32oz Crowlers of taproom-only beers available to you”.

It’s convenient, affordable, and lets you try new beers made by some of the country’s most exciting brewers. Not only are you getting beer delivered right to your door at a lower price, but you are also getting beers that you’d otherwise need to go through a lot of trouble to taste.

No Repeats

A small detail but an appealing aspect is that the company tracks what beers you have already received so that you won’t get the same beer twice (unless you add it specifically).

How a Beer Drop subscription works

Signing up and creating a beer profile

When you sign-up, you’ll create a taste profile based on the types of beer you most enjoy. When you fill out your taste profile, you’ll choose from five beer style categories from their seven options:

  • Hoppy – IPA, Hazy IPA, Pale Ale
  • Sour – Gose, Berliner Weisse, Wild Ale
  • Dark – Stout, Porter, Barrel Aged
  • Lagers – Pilsner, Helles, Cream Ale
  • Belgian – Saison, Quad, Wit, Strong Ale
  • Malty – Amber Ale, Brown Ale, Scotch Ale
  • Fruity – Fruity beers across all styles
  • Top Picks – chooses from the highest rated among all styles

You’ll get one beer for each category and you can choose the same category more than once. You can also let the Beer Drop team find the best beers for you by selecting the “Top Picks” option, which will be the beers most highly rated.

You’ll then choose your subscription plan and create an account. You can use your Google or Facebook account for your Beer Drop account or create one with your email.

Once you sign up, You’ll get a notification email before the shipment that outlines the beers being included in the shipment. You can also sign up for text message alerts to know when your Drop is ready as well as receive shipping updates.

The Monthly Drop

Each month, Beer Drop will select the highest rated beers that match your taste profile, excluding any you’ve already tried. You’ll get an email outlining what’s included in your next drop.

Making Changes to your Drop

You’ll get an email letting you know what beers will soon be at your doorstep, and at that point, you can make changes to your shipment. Note that you only get 24 hours to make changes to your drop before orders to the breweries are finalized. All tiers allow you to add additional beers to that month’s drop without having to pay extra for shipping, while at the Plus and Ultimate tiers you can make changes to their beer recommendations.

You aren’t locked in

One of the appeals of Beer Drop is that you aren’t locked into annual subscriptions, you can cancel anytime, change your subscription tier, and are also able to skip drops.

Your membership will continue until you cancel, which you can do at any by emailing their support team.

About Shipping Alcohol

Shipment laws for alcohol vary by location and are constantly changing, so be sure that alcohol is legally available for delivery in your area.

An important note is that laws require an adult signature for delivery, which means someone will have to be home when the Beer Drop is delivered. They suggest using a day-time delivery option.

If you are a beer-lover constantly on the lookout for new beers, Beer Drop might be a good fit for you. The convenience of bringing world-class beers right to your door every month as well as the ability to taste exclusive beers is an offer that many can’t pass up.

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